NITA BEGG 1920-2011
Nita Begg D.A.
graduated in 1943 from Glasgow School of Art.
Nita was a pre-war student at Glasgow School of Art who drew and painted from an early age. By the 1960's she was receiving critical acclaim. This website is dedicated to the story of her artistic life which spanned 70 years.
See 'Nita Begg Archives' for more paintings and photographs and ephemera (also that of her partner, artist William (Bill Gallacher).

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Father's Art Influence - James Livingstone Begg JP FRGS FRSE

Nita was born into an artistic family. Her grandfather had been a wealthy business man who along with his father and brothers developed a building and property business in Victorian Glasgow. They were the classic Glasgow gentry, well educated, intelligent, resolutely religious and dedicated to hard work. Her grandfather Thomas Begg, born in 1838, was surrounded by the art and culture of this time of exponential development in Glasgow. Thomas a patron of both Horatio McCulloch and Whitelaw Hamilton would later support his young son James Livingstone Begg in his love of art and science.
James, born in 1874, in his primary years studied at the newly opened state-of-the art Garnethill Public School in preference to The High School of Glasgow which had moved from John Street to Elmbank Street in 1878, both run by Glasgow School Board . He won prizes and went on to study art at the Glasgow Athenaeum, St.George's Place, later in Buchanan Street in the 1890's. At the same time he continued to train in the family business as a house factor and property agent.
At the Athenaeum he developed his interest in art winning further prizes. Three years studying art in Paris was to follow possibly studying here with his peer and life-long friend artist A.R.W. Allan. At this time he spent a year travelling, studying and drawing in Europe before returning to follow his career in art. He exhibited a few times in the RGI, the RSA and London.

The Victorian Glasgow Begg Family
 c.1860. Thomas at back 3rd left.

'Nita' age 10, James L Begg 1930
'Young Girl' 1896  watercolour
'In Venice',etching James L Begg  c.1910