NITA BEGG 1920-2011
Nita Begg D.A.
graduated in 1943 from Glasgow School of Art.
Nita was a pre-war student at Glasgow School of Art who drew and painted from an early age. By the 1960's she was receiving critical acclaim. This website is dedicated to the story of her artistic life which spanned 70 years.
See 'Nita Begg Archives' for more paintings and photographs and ephemera (also that of her partner, artist William (Bill Gallacher).

This site is intended for education purposes and is funded by the author. A full bibliography and references will be published when time permits.

Paintings 1960's

'Sleeping Doll' 1965  ©

'Howe of Cromer'  1968  ©
'Crystal on /white Lace' 1968  ©

'Still Life with Fruit' 1965  ©

'Mother and Child in Korea' 1969  ©
'Ayrshire Farm' 1969   ©