NITA BEGG 1920-2011
Nita Begg D.A.
graduated in 1943 from Glasgow School of Art.
Nita was a pre-war student at Glasgow School of Art who drew and painted from an early age. By the 1960's she was receiving critical acclaim. This website is dedicated to the story of her artistic life which spanned 70 years.
See 'Nita Begg Archives' for more paintings and photographs and ephemera (also that of her partner, artist William (Bill Gallacher).

This site is intended for education purposes and is funded by the author. A full bibliography and references will be published when time permits.

Catalogue of Paintings

Chronological Catalogue of Paintings 1950 to 2009 including exhibitions

This list represents an attempt to construct a Catalogue Raisonné. However this list is not exhaustive nor does it include sizes. It is a chronological list of all exhibitions and work exhibited. The majority of paintings are in oil unless stated otherwise. Most are signed but not always dated. It does not include sales or owners. A few paintings were reworked or abandoned while later in life a number were re-exhibited on a few occasions. These works have been cross-referenced with other exhibitions using abbreviations preceded by a date, for example,

 Still Life with Matchstick (gouache) cat.54 (see 1992 Shore Gallery, 1992 RGI 131st exhibition)

shows the work Still Life with Matchstick also appeared in a 1992 Shore Gallery exhibition and in 1992 in a Royal Institute of Glasgow exhibition. There are anomalies in this catalogue which cannot be avoided until more information becomes available, however this list will be corrected and updated.

Gallery list and abbreviations,
Aberdeen Art Gallery
AFA - Aiton Fine Art Gallery, Crieff
APG - Allan Park Gallery, Crieff
BGRGI - The Blythswood Gallery of the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts
Broughton Gallery, Broughton
CG - Crowsteps Gallery, Blairlogie
CGSU - (Collins Gallery at Strathclyde University)
DG - Durie Gallery, Leven, Fife
EAS - (Eaglesham Art Society)
Eastwood Theatre, East Renfrewshire
Eden Court Theatre Gallery, Inverness
ESU - (English Speaking Union of the Commonwealth)
GSLA - Glasgow Society of Lady Artists, later to be called Women Artists GSWA - Glasgow Society of Women Artists
John Green Fine Art, Glasgow
KG - Kingfisher Gallery, Edinburgh
LAG - Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie
Macauley Gallery, Stenton, Dunbar
MCR - McMillan Cancer Research exhibition
MFA - Main Fine Art, Kelvinbridge, Glasgow
PAI - (Paisley Art Institute)
PFT - (Pitlochry Festival Theatre)
RGI- Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts
Roseangle Gallery, Dundee
RSA - (Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh)
SCH Art Friends of St. Columba’s Hospice at Freemason’s Hall, Edinburgh
SG - The Shore Gallery, Leith
SSWA - in RSA (Scottish Society of Women Artists in RSA)
SG - Stable Gallery, Bathgate
TG - The Torrance Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh
The Royal Glasgow Institute - John D. Kelly Gallery
The Third Eye Centre, Glasgow
WG - Westgate Gallery, North Berwick
Two Boys Playing     
John Ram’s Pub              
Nurse and Patient           
Study of Korean        

1953 (all exhibited at Blythswood RGI Gallery 1967)

Royal Doulton                 
Little Marigolds          
Thaw in Lane                             
A Little Cat                                  
1954 Oct/Dec at 93rd RGI at the McLellan Galleries, 

Still Life     cat.411    
Portrait    cat.419       
1954   (all exhibited at BGRGI in 1967)

The Marriage Lines                       
Girl at a Window                           
A Silver Fruit Bowl                                        
Oak and Heather                                            
Rose on a Book                            
A Rose on a Book of Poetry                         
Winter’s Day                                                        
Winter’s Flowers                             
A Ladybird                                                 
Real Mandarins                                                

1954 Apr to Aug at RSA,  

Victoriana   cat.235    

1955 Oct/ Dec at 94th RGI,


1955 (all exhibited at BGRGI in 1967),

Tom (see RGI 1955)                                                                   
Attic Wash Line                                                           
A Washing Green
A Spanish Painting
Mimosa and Mandarins
A Bowl with Cherries 
Roses on a Bush
Fruit and Fashion 
A Flowering Cyclamen
A Wilting Cyclamen 
Prussian Blue and Lemon
Lemons in Blue Tissue  
A Burning Light            
Dying Roses                   

1955    RSA Apr to Aug,
Anemones                              cat.160       
Mimosa and Mandarin        cat.424                  

1956  (see below at BGRGI Gallery 1967),

Still Life with Book and Candle      (see SSWA in RSA 1968)
My Book and Candle                
A Vase of Autumn Flowers      
A Vase of Flowers                    
Wild Woodbine                          
Flowers Growing                      
Summer’s Evening     
A Boy on a Kist                         
A Little Book                             
One Summers Night               


Still Life with Book and Playing Cards  

Circa 1962 with Glasgow Society of Lady Artists Club,

Jamboree Bag      cat.24          
Sleeping Doll        cat.32           

1966 (see below at BGRGI Gallery 1967),

Halket Leathers
East Logan’s Cottage
Water Iris
Flowers on a Dish

1966 March, at Paisley Art Institute,

My Book and Candle                   (see 1956)
Still Life with Book and Candle  (see 1956)
Little Still Life                              

1966 Oct/Dec at RGI,

A Vase of Flowers                    cat.50
A Vase of Autumn Flowers     cat.92

1967 painted
Portrait of James  (not exhibited)

1967 Exhibition at Blythswood Gallery RGI, from 14th to 28th of January,
One Man Show supported by husband's portraits,  'Paintings by Nita Begg and William Gallacher'

A Gipsy’s Flowers 1967 
A Washing Green 1955
Winter’s Flowers (Snowdrops) 1954
A Burning Light 1955
Dying Roses 1955
One Summers Night (Butterflies) 1956
Mimosa and Mandarins 1955 (see RSA 1955)
A Spanish Painting 1955
Wild Woodbine 1956
Royal Doulton 1953
Boy on a Kist 1956
East Logan’s Cottage 1966 
Halket Leather’s 1966 
Water Iris 1966 
Flowers on a Dish 1966 
Flowers Growing (Nasturtiums) 1956
My Book and Candle 1956
Still Life with Book and Candle 1956
A Vase of Flowers 1956 
A Vase of Autumn Flowers 1956 
Girl at the Window 1954
Winter’s Day (breaking sticks) 1954
Ladybird 1954
A Little Book 1956
Thaw in the Lane 1953
The Marriage Lines 1954
A Rose on a Book of Poetry 1954
A Rose on a Book 1954
A Silver Fruit Bowl 1954
A Flowering Plant 1955
Cyclamen 1955
Wilting Plant (Cyclamen) 1955
Prussian Blue and Lemon Yellow 1955
Lemons in Blue Tissue 1955
Tom 1955   (see RGI 1955)
Oaks and Heather 1954
Little Marigolds 1953
Roses on the Bush 1955
Fruit and Fashion 1955
A Bowl with Cherries 1955
Real Mandarins 1954
Attic Wash Line 1955
A Little Cat (date unknown)

1967 Mar/April at Paisley Art Institute,

A Handleless Jug   cat.70 

1967 Christie’ Auctioneers, Glasgow,

Yellow Hand Mirror

1967 Oct/Dec exhibited at RGI,

Whirligig    cat.340
Great Grandmother Weir’s Old Silver Plate   cat.490

1967 Apr/Aug at RSA,

A Flowering Jug   cat.203        

1967 April annual GSWA,

Jamboree Bag (see GSLA 1962)

1968 with SSWA at RSA 1968,


1968 Aug exhibition at RSA,

Still Life   cat.248

1968 Oct/Nov at RGI,

Mother and Child – Korea    cat.119          
Exotic Plant                           cat.227   
1969 Mar/April One Man Show at ESU, Edinburgh

1. Two Green Apples             
2. Old Lace Cloth                   
3. Yellowbird                          
4. Dark Fruits                          
5. Texas Roses                      
6. Elaborados a Mano   
7. Mexican Daisies I               
8. Mexican Daisies II               
9. Blue Head Hydrangea I    
10. Bonjour Tristesse            
11. Sleeping Doll                     
12. Jamboree Bag                     
13. Great Grandmother’s Old English Plate   
14. Whirligig                             
15. Mother and Child-Korea    
16. Ashanti                              
17. Yellow Tabletop                
18. Tenement Roses             
19. Umbrian Azure                  
20. Blue head Hydrangea II    
21. Multi-stripe                       
22. Korean Chrysanthemuns 
23. Hyacinth                             
24. Token                                 
25. Blue head Hydrangea III        
26. Indiana
27. Knickerbocker Glory     
28. Still-life                              
29. Fruit plate                         
30. Pinks                                 
31. Pinks Shadow    
32. Crimson Lake                          
33. Blue Sky                              
34. Victorias                           
35. Red Flowers                    
36. The Peach                        
37. Chinese Vase – Yellow Silk
38. August Rose                      
39. Indian Flower                            
40. The Green Apple’             
41. Chinese Vase – Korean Spray
42. October Fruits                  
43. Dark Victorias                   
44. Three Plums                      
45. The Big Apple                   
46. Sunlight Fruits                  
47. Mascaron                          
48. Blue Glass - Red Rose       
49. Brown leaves – Red Rose      
50. Majolica                              
51. Blue Glass – Pink Rose    
52. Flowers in a Teapot         
53. The Blue Hydrangea IV   
54. Still Life                            
55. Majolica with Fruit           
56. Garden – Winter                        
57. To a Boy                                      
58. Reekitlane (farm near Tarland)   
59. The White Teapot                      
60. Scar Hill and Craigdhu                     
61. Norwegian Table                       
62. A Vase of Flowers                             
63. Little Green Apples                    
64. Magazines                                   
65. Pictures                                       
66. In the Studio                               
67. Semi – Automatic                     
68. Mandarins                                   
69. Wicker Basket and Onions        
70. Paper Hat                                   
71. Crystal on White Lace             
72. Harp Table                                    
73. Michaelmas Daisies                     
74. Yellow-book                            
75. Fruits                                        
76. In the Howe of Cromar    aka.(Yellow Sun, Tarland)
77. Boghead                                  
78. Greta                                        
79. Cup                                           
80. Enamel Plate                         
81. Yellow Wyrt                             
82. Little Still-life   (another one of same title painted in 1989)
83. Little Doll’s Head                  
84. Vase and Branch                    
85. Little Willow Vase                 
86. Pale Rose                              

1969 Spring with Glasgow Lady Artists Club,

Hungarian Cloth         cat.32     
Mexican Daisies III     cat.34

1969 Nov/Dec at RSA with SSWA,

Old Lace Cloth                   cat.16     (see 1969 ESU)
Still Life with Party Hat    cat.56     (aka Paper Hat in 1969 ESU?)
Norwegian Table               cat.59      (see ESU no.61)
The White Teapot              cat.155    (   “      “     no.59)

1969 Oct/Nov at RGI,

Little Green Apples        cat.185       (see ESU 1969 no.63)
  Still Life                        cat.191        (   "    "      "    no.54)

1969 Apr/Sept at RSA,

Siennese Yellow       cat.80       

1969 unknown exhibition,

Bogside, Tarland, Aberdeenshire   (possibly Boghead 1969 ESU
Roses                   (possibly one of 3 Rose paintings in 1969 ESU)    
1969 Dec ‘Shelter’ exhibition, Glasgow with Hugh Adam Crawford RSA,
 Alex Dick ARSA, John B. Fleming RSW, and others,

Mexican Daisies             cat.5  (one of 3 Mexican Daisy) (see 1969 ESU GSLA)
 The Bag and The Doll   cat.6  (possibly Sleeping Doll at 1969 ESU)
Dark Flowers                 cat.7            
 Chinese Blue                  cat.8              
  Roses                             cat.9                      

1970 Mar/April at Paisley Art Institute,
Still Life in the Studio    
Red Flowers                    
Still Life with Party Hat    (see 1969 SSWA with RSA)

1970 Spring with GSWA,

Blue Edge       cat.1       
Black Table    cat.13

1970 June Links House Scottish Art promotion, Glasgow,
Exhibited along with 13 artists, Hugh Adam Crawford, William Littlejohn,
John Knox, George Devlin, Kathleen Mann and others,

Still Life in the Evening       cat.18       
Still Life in the Afternoon      cat.28       

1970 Sept/Oct at Aberdeen Art Gallery, ‘Pictures for Scottish Schools’ exhibition, along with William Burns RSA RSW, Barbara Balmer, and others,

The Virgin Mary in the Rose Arbour*   cat.7

1970 September at 144th Annual RSA, (see catalogue),

Mexican Daisies cat.218    (see 1969 ESU

1970 Nov/Dec at RSA with SSWA

Dark Rose                 cat.15
Mother and Child     cat.63 (probably Mother and Child-Korea)  (see ESU) 1969)
Still-Life Evening      cat.72 (see 1970 Links House)

1971 Mar/Apr at Paisley Art Institute,

The Norwegian Table   (see 1969 ESU,)

1971 July/August at Pitlochry Festival Theatre (top Scottish artists)
The Rose and the Pussycat          
Mexican Daisies (probably 1 of 3 ‘Mexican Daisy’ paintings) (see 1969 ESU and GSLA)
A Physician and his Patient
Dark Rose (acrylic)    (see 1970 RSA with SSWA)                       

1971 July at Crowsteps Gallery, Blairlogie,


1971 Oct/Nov at RGI,

Grisaille-1                         cat.151 (see 1971 CG)
The Norwegian Table     cat.247 (see 1971 PAI, 1969 ESU)

1971 Nov/Dec with SSWA at RSA,

Cloud Howe      cat.117

1972 Oct/Nov at RGI,

Red Queen       cat.3
Cloud Howe     cat.104 (see 1971 RSA with SSWA)

1972 Nov/Dec at RSA with SSWA,

Mexican Daisies    cat.10
 Grisaille-1               cat.14 (see 1971 CG, 1971 at RGI)
 Still Life                cat.50 (see 1969 RGI)

1973 Oct at Crowsteps Gallery, Blairlogie,

Bible, Bride’s Favour and Pocket Watch             cat.59  
Brown Bowl with Eggs                                         cat.183

1973 Nov/Dec at RSA with SSWA,

Ox and Mule at Well                                                    cat.18  
Dresden Vase with Flowers                                         cat.265
Bible, Brides Favour and Hanging Pocket Watch       cat.266
Basket of Flowers                                                         cat.281
1973 Dec exhibited with Christian Action Glasgow Housing Association,

Red Rag Doll with Paper Flowers   
Bible with Favours
House Plant with Variegated Leaf                                
Millet Puweri   (Millet Print, Green Glass Bottle and Wild Woodbines)                                 

1974 August at Crowsteps Gallery, Blairlogie,

An unknown painting exhibited here, also
Palace Ladies*    painting sold at this time. No information on it!

1974 October exhibited at RGI,

Grapes and Cherries    cat.96        

1974 Nov/Dec exhibited at RSA with SSWA,

A Physician and his Patient   cat.56 (see 1971 PFT)

1974 Dec exhibited with GSWA, Collins Gallery, Strathclyde University,

This painting is unknown as yet.

1975 Mar exhibited Collins Gallery, Strathclyde University with GSWA,
(this the ‘Inaugural Exhibition’ for GSWA, founded 1972, only 35 members in 1975),

Grisaille-1 (see 1971 CG, 1972 RGI, 1972 RSA with SSWA)
Red Rag Doll (re-painted later on reverse with still life in Red & Green)

1975 April to Christian Action Housing Association,

Mexican Daisies   (see above Mexican Daisies)                                                         
Whirligig   (see 1967 RGI, 1969 at ESU)                                                                      
Grecian Urn with Flowers                                            
White Teapot with Flowers (see 1969 ESU Teapot with Flowers)
Bible, Bride’s Favour and Hanging Pocket Watch*   (see 1973 at CG, 1973 Christian Action, 1973 RSA with SSWA),
Ace of Spades                                                               
Match Box (gouache)                                                                    

1975 exhibited at RSA with SSWA,

Ace of Spades*         cat.7   (see 1975 Christian Housing Association)
Mexican Daisies       cat.17       
Fruit and Flowers    cat.22   
Small Motifs             cat.57

1976 Jun/July with GSWA,

Chinese Ink Well and Spring Blossoms   no.50 

1976 July to Oct at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, group of 5 artists,

‘paintings’ unknown

1976 August at Third Eye Centre, Sauchiehall St, Glasgow,

Chinese Ink Well with Spring Blossoms   (see 1976 GSWA)

1976 autumn at unknown exhibition,

Marriage Lines               
Vase of Flowers        
1976 Oct/Nov at RGI,

Wedgewood Basket(Freesia and Golden Sash)     cat. 91
Vase of Flowers                                                       cat.174

1977 with GSWA,

Vase of Flowers                                                cat. 3 (see 1976 RGI)
Keys and Candle                                               cat.9
Wedgewood Basket (Freesia and Golden Sash) cat.37 (see 1976 RGI)
Carte Postale                                                    cat.41

1977 exhibited at RGI,

Chinese Vase with Rosebud   cat.58

1977 exhibited at RSA with SSWA,

Brown Bowl with Eggs      cat.13   (see 1973 CG)
Keys and Candle                cat.89   (see GSWA 1977)

1978 May with GSWA,

The Good Book    cat.30
Paper Flowers (Japanese )Pincushion and Service Medals  cat.34

1978 October exhibited at Pitlochry Festival Theatre,

Silver Fruit Bowl and Venetian Glass 
Broken Strings   
1978 Nov/Dec with SSWA at RSA,

Japanese Pincushion with Service Medals cat.61 (see 1978 with GSWA)
The Good Book      cat.73  

1978 Nov/Dec with GSWA,

Lemon and Lavender   cat.23

1978 at RSA,

possibly Marriage Lines (see 1967 BGRGI, 1976 unknown exhibition)
1979 Feb exhibited at Pitlochry Festival Theatre,

Silver Fruit Bowl and Venetian Glass (see 1978 PFT)
Broken Strings     
1979 August at RSA, charity show for International Year of the Child,

Chinese Vase and Rosebud 
Rosebud Doll*

1979 October English Speaking Union of the Commonwealth,

Unknown paintings   

1979 Oct/Christmas ‘Carry Out a Canvas’ charity at McLellan Galleries,

2 works (unknown as yet)

1979 Nov/Dec at RSA with SSWA,
Dark Rose and Cabbage Butterflies    cat.124        
1980 Oct exhibited at 119th RGI,

Dark Fruits*                              cat.178 (see 1969 ESU)                              
Matchbox and Glass Marble    cat.270 (aka Matchbox and Marbles)

1980 Nov/Dec at RSA with SSWA,

Three Mandarins                                 cat.59 (see 1967 BGRGI, 1969 ESU)
Silver Fruit Bowl with Venetian Glass  cat.68

1981 Dec with GSWA,

Cheap Tin Tray                     cat.23
Poppyheads and Daisies       cat.25

1982 Sept. with GSWA at Centenary exhibition in CGSU,

unknown painting

1982 May with SSWA at the Roseangle Gallery, Dundee,

Blue Mermaid                        
Poppyheads & Daisies   (see 1981 GSWA)

1982 Nov/Dec at RSA with SSWA,

Two White Roses     cat.76       

1983 Oct at 122nd RGI,

Brown Wax Candle         cat.346

1983 with GSWA at (Lord) MacFarlane Furniture,

Two White Roses (see 1982 at RSA with SSWA)    

1983 with Eaglesham Art Society,

Poppyheads and Daisies (see 1981 Dec GSWA)
Tin Tray with Quince                    
Two White Roses* (see 1982 RSA with SSWA, 1983 GSWA at (Lord) MacFarlane Furniture)                  
Blue Mermaid                                  
Open Book (aka Open Book with Lorgnette)                                      

1983 Nov/Dec with SSWA at RSA,

Poppyheads & Daisies (see 1981 GSWA, 1982 with SSWA), 
Open Album   (see 1983 EAS)                   
Striped Jug                           
Blue Mermaid                  

1984 at RGI 123rd exhibition,

Three Roses                           cat.279                                  
Bowl with Ripe Cherries         cat.317               

1984 Sept/Oct with GSWA,

Open Book with Lorgnette   cat.3 (see 1983 EAS)
Roses                                   cat.27

1984 Nov/Dec at RSA with SSWA,

Roses                                  cat.352 (see 1984 RSA with SSWA)

1985 June at Main Fine Art, with GSWA, Kelvinbridge, Glasgow,

Green and Gold (Bananas)         
Quills and Dracaena    
1985 May exhibited at unknown,

Rice Bowl with Cherries        

1985 May/June at PAI,

Still Life with Honey Bee      cat.31
Birthday Still Life                cat.40
Hat Feathers                        cat.94
Striped Jug                           cat.100 (see 1983 SSWA at RSA)

1985 Nov/Dec with GSWA,

Wind Flowers?             
Flowering Shoe?          

1985 Oct/Nov at RGI,

Striped Jug                 cat.36 (see 1983 SSWA at RSA, 1985 PAI)
One French Cherry     cat.71
Ink Pot and Quill       cat.80

1985 unknown exhibition,

Ink Pot and Quill         cat.99 (see 1985 RGI)
Peony and Cherries     cat.377

1985 exhibited at RSA with SSWA,

Pears and Cherries     cat.31
Green and Gold          cat.35 (see 1985 MFA with GSWA)  

1985 Dec at Stables Gallery,
Grisaille-2 (see 1985 Main Fine Art)
Still Life with Cherries          (aka Pot with Cherries?)
Roses and Indian Casket*    (aka Roses in Pewter Tankard with Indian Casket)

1986 Feb at The Stables Gallery, Bathgate,

Hats with Feathers   (see 1985 PAI)           

1986 May at Stables Gallery, Bathgate,

Roses      (see 1984 GSWA & 1984 SSWA)                       

1986 Spring with GSWA,

Porcelain Cornucopia   cat.30

1986 May exhibited at ESU, Edinburgh, - one of six- painters including,
Thora Clyne, Jean Gardner,

Open Crocus                                                
Japanese Lanterns                                       
Porcelain Cornucopia   (see 1986 GSWA)
The Midgets                                               
Striped Jug (see 1983 SSWA at RSA, 1985 PAI, 1985 RGI)                                                 
Open Book, Lorgnette and Pocket Watch (see 1983 EAS, 1984 GSWA)
Two Welsh Poppies                                      
Open Album   (see 1983 EAS, 1983 SSWA at RSA)                                           
Scattered Pamphlets            
Poppyheads and Daisies (see 1981 GSWA, 1982 SSWA, 1983 SSWA at RSA)
Rice Bowl with Blue Grapes                        
A Fallen Doll                                                 
Holy Book with Angels                               
Japanese Pin Cushion (see 1978, GSWA, 1978 SSWA at RSA)
Flowering Shoe                                            
Nest Eggs                                                          
Golden Shoes                                               
Mes Sabots                                                 
Ink Pot with Quill                                           
Still Life with Bumble (Honey)Bee  (see 1985 PAI)                         
Quills and Dracaena (see 1985 GSWA, 1986 ESU)                             
Chinese Vase with Lanterns (see 1986 May ESU                   
One French Cherry   (see 1986 RGI)

1986 exhibited with agent Leone Cockburn,

Quills and Dracaena   (see 1985 GSWA, 1986 May ESU)                             
Pears and Cherries  (see 1985 exhibited at RSA with SSWA)
Green Baize Table

1986 3rd to 4th Dec exhibited at Whytock and Reid exhibited with 19 artists including Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham, David Donaldson, Robin Philipson,

unknown paintings

1986 Sept (unknown exhibition),

Mes Sabots    (see 1986 ESU)                                  

1986 Oct/Nov at RGI,

Pot with Snowdrops                   cat.312

1986 Nov/Dec at RSA with SSWA,

Open Crocus                                 cat.48   (see 1986 ESU) 
Wind Flowers                              cat.127  (see 1985 GSWA)  
China Hand with Cherries           cat.140
Flowering Shoes                           cat.176  (see 1986 ESU)
Porcelain Cornucopia                  cat.30   (see 1986 GSWA, 1986 ESU)

1986 Dec with GSWA (?)  Ewington Hotel, Queen’s Park, Glasgow,

A Fallen Doll   (see 1986 ESU)

1986 Dec with Leone Cockburn, Edinburgh,

Rice Bowl with Blue Grapes (see ESU 1986)

1987 Mar/April, Durie Gallery, Leven (previously The Stables Gallery, Bathgate),

Golden Shoes*                  (see 1986 ESU)        
Scattered Pamphlets*       (   “       “        )   
Two Welsh Poppies*         (   “       “       ) 

1987 May at Eaglesham Art Society,

Holy Book with Angels                           (see ESU, 1986)  
China Cherry Dish                 
Chinese Vase with Lanterns                    (see 1986 ESU 1988 TG)
Snowdrops (aka Pot with Snowdrops)     (see 1986 RGI)                            

1987 May/June at Paisley Art Institute,

Scots Poesy     cat.76
Winter Flora   cat.128

1987 July at Durie Gallery, Leven

One Pink Daisy  
Pansy a Thought

1987 Sept/Oct at RSA with SSWA,

Nest Eggs                    cat.133 (see 1986 ESU)
Pot of Snowdrops       cat.182 (see 1986 RGI)                                     
Ink Pot and Quill        cat.208 (see 1985 unknown exhibition, 1985 RGI)      

1987 Oct/Nov at RGI,

Dark Cherries                                  
Amber Glass with Blue Ribbon             
Grapes and Cherries-2                             
Buttercup, Marigold and Pansy    

1987 Dec at MacMillan Cancer,

One French Cherry                              (see 1985 RGI and 1986 ESU)                                               
Full Blown Crocus (aka Open Crocus) (see 1986 ESU, 1986 RSA with SSWA) 
1988 April, One Man Show along with Scottish sculptor, Jenepher W. Ross at Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh,

Fruits on Tissue
A Fallen Rose
Pot with Simulated Rose       
Chinese Vase with Pink Daisy (see 1981 GSWA)
Japanese Pincushion (see 1978 GSWA, 1978 with SSWA at RSA,
1986 May ESU) 
Chinese Vase with Lanterns (see 1986 ESU, 1988 TG, 1987 ESA)
La Mariposa (butterfly)
Holy Book with Angels (see 1986 ESU, 1987 May EAS)
A Flowering Plant
Paper Parasol
Chinese Chinoiserie
White China Dog
The Midgets (see 1986 May exhibited at ESU)
Grapes and Cherries-2 
Astilbe Bud and Peony Leaves
Open Book with Lorgnette (see 1983 EAS, 1984 GSWA, 1986 ESU)
Black Cherries (aka Dark Cherries)   (see 1987 RGI)
Summer Rose with Clematis Bud
Open Album (see 1983 EAS, 1983 SSWA at RSA, 1986 ESU)                   
A Present from Filey                          
Amber Glass and Blue Ribbon
Ladies Patterned Fan
Red Shoes and Chinese Egg
Dark Vase with Peony Rose
Nest Eggs (see 1986 ESU, 1987 RSA with SSWA)                         
Pot with Snowdrops (see 1986 RGI, 1987 EAS)                            
Black and White  (aka Whirligig?)
Feigned Roses  
Rice Bowl with Chopsticks
Victorian Vase with Autumn Roses
Pink Trinket Box
A Present from Newton Stewart  
Romanian Slipper Bag
Fresh Lemons
Brandy Bottles Golden Shoe and Flora 
Mexican Daisies 
China Cherry Dish (see 1987 EAS)
Crushed Violas and Butterflies 
Winter Flora (see 1987 PAI) 
Flute and Guitar
Poppyheads and (Mexican) Daisies (see 1981 GSWA, 1982 SSWA, 1983 at SSWA with RSA)
A Physician and his Patient  (see 1971 PFT , 1974 RSA with SSWA)
Mother and Child (see ESU 1969, 1970 RSA with SSWA)
Real Mandarins (see BGRGI 1967)  
Victorian Glass

1988 exhibited Apr/July at RSA, Edinburgh

Two Pink Roses 

1988 May/June exhibited at PAI,

Chinese Chinoiserie     cat.66   (see 1988 TG)
Paper Parasol              cat.68   (    “         “   ) 
A Flowering Plant       cat.128 (    “         “  )            
Black Cherries             cat.169
Amber Glass and Blue Ribbon   cat.187 (see 1987 RGI, 1988 TG)

1988 summer ‘Flowers for the Festival’ at John Green Fine Art, Bath St, Glasgow, (Glasgow Garden Festival exhibition),

37 Artists represented with one painting each.

The Blue Vase 

1988 summer at The Shore Gallery, Leith,

Green and Red (poppy painting)      

1988 Aug with Leone Cockburn artist’s agent, Edinburgh,

Dark Vase and Peony Rose (see 1988 TG)
Chinese Chinoisere (see 1988 TG, 1988 PAI)

1988 Oct/Nov at The Shore Gallery, exhibition entitled ‘Leading Ladies’,

Cat (aka Coloured Ribbons and Terracotta Cat)  

1988 September submitted for RGI,

A Present from Newton Stewart   (see 1988 TG)  
Dark Vase with Peony Rose (see 1988 TG, 1988 RGI)       
Flower and Feather (see 1975 RSA with SSWA)                        
Small Motifs                                  

1988 October at Durie Gallery, Leven,

Summer Rose with Clematis Buds   (see 1988 TG)
Feigned Roses                                   (   “         “      )                  
Victorian Vase with Autumn Roses (   “         “      )
Scots Poesy   (see 1987 PAI)
La Mariposa  (see 1988 TG)                                   

1988 Nov with GSWA,

Flowering Plant              cat.17 (see 1988 TG, 1988 PAI)
Rumanian Slipper Bag   cat.111
Fruits on Tissue              cat.113 (see 1988 TG)

1988 Dec with MacMillan Cancer Research (MCR) exhibition,

Open Book, Lorgnette and Pocket Watch (see 1983 EAS, 1984 GSWA, 1986 ESU, 1988 TG)    
Small Motifs (see 1975 RSA with SSWA, 1988 RGI)                                 
Fresh Lemons (see 1988 TG                               
Blue Ribbon & Amber Glass (see 1987 RGI, 1988 TG, 1988 PAI)

1988 Nov/Dec at RSA with SSWA,

Dark Cherries  (aka. Black Cherries)                 (see 1988 PAI)
Dark Vase with Peony Rose                     cat.286 (see 1988 TG, 1988 RGI)       
A Present from Newton Stewart             cat.292 (   "        "          "      "     )      

1988 Christmas show 1988 at Macaulay Gallery, Stenton, Dunbar,

Carnations and Peony Leaves* 

1988 Dec/Jan at Kingfisher Gallery, Edinburgh,

Holy Book with Angels*           (see 1986 ESU, 1987 EAS)     
Chinese Lanterns                      (see 1988 TG)
China Dish (aka Cherry Dish) (see 1987 EAS, 1988 TG)
A Fallen Rose                           (see 1988 TG)

1988 also submitted to GSWA at Broughton Gallery,

China Cherry Dish           (see 1987 EAS, 1988 TG, 1988 KG)  
Grapes and Cherries-2     (see 1988 TG)   
Ink Pot and Quill              (see 1985 unknown & 1985 RGI, 1988 GSWA)
Japanese Pincushion        (see 1978,GSWA,1978 SSWA at RSA,1986 ESU) 
Real Mandarins                (see 1967 BGRGI, 1988 TG)     

1989 May at Eaglesham Art Society,

Grapes and Clementines 

1989 6/26th May with GSWA at Lillie Art Gallery,

Butterflies and Crushed Violas   cat.28 (see 1988 TG)
Streamers and Service Medals   cat.78 

1989, unknown exhibition,

Dark Vase with Peony Rose 286 (see 1988 TG, 1988 RGI, 1988 RSA with SSWA)
A Present from Newton Stewart (see 1988 RSA with SSWA)
Paper Parasol

1989 May Art Friends of St. Columba’s Hospice exhibition,

Gents Perfume Bottle 

1989 June with Edinburgh Hospice exhibition,

Batik Scarf with Blue Vase  

1989 August at Westgate Gallery, North Berwick,

The Midgets   (1986 ESU, 1988 TG)
Coloured Ribbons (and Terracotta Cat) (see 1988 SG) 
Brandy Bottles, Golden Shoe and Flora (see 1988 TG)         

1989 Oct with GSWA,

Grapes and Clementines     cat.55 (see 1989 EAS)
Love Lies Bleeding               cat.73

1989 Nov MacMillan Cancer Relief Fund at Bellahouston Park,

Scots Poesy   (see 1987 PAI, 1988 DG)

1989 Oct/Nov with McMillan Cancer Research Campaign,

A Fallen Rose (see 1988 TG, 1988 KG)               
China Cherry Dish (see 1985 unknown, 1985 RGI, 1988 GSWA)
Flower and Feather (see 1988 RGI)
1989 Dec with RGI,

Trinket Box and Ladies Favour   (see 1988 TG)  
1989 (shown also this year at Stenton, Barbizan with SSWA, Durie and Kilbarchan and possibly RSA)

1990 at Kingfisher Gallery,

Iron Pocket Watch  
Real Mandarins (see 1967 ESU, 1988 TG &  Broughton with GSWA)
Ink Pot and Quills-2    
Flower and Feather (see 1988 RGI, 1989 MCR)

1990 January at Westgate Gallery,  

Ladies Patterned Fan* (see 1988 TG)           

1990 Feb at Durie Gallery,

My Dancing Shoes*            

1990 March at unknown (possibly SSWA),

Real Mandarins   (see 1967 BGRGI, 1988 April TG & GSWA at Broughton, 1990 KG)

1990 Mar/Apr exhibited with GSWA,

Roses and Pomegranates   cat.35

1990 April at RSA with SSWA,

Grapes and Clementines*   cat.357 (see 1989 EAS, 1989 GSWA)

1990 April at Christies Auctioneers,

Yellow Hand Mirror*

1990 May/June exhibited at Art Friends of St. Columba’s Hospice art exhibition,

Mexican Daisies & Mini Cyclamen *
Pale Rose and Pincushion* (see 1990 KG)
Flower and Feather* (see 1988 RGI, 1989 MCR, 1990 KG)

1990 June, painted,

Pale Clematis

1990 August at Allan Park Gallery,

One Pink Daisy (see 1987 DG)
Coloured Ribbons (see 1988 SG, 1989 August at WG)
Paper Parasol
Vienna Royal (aka ‘Red and Green’)
Winter Flora (see 1987 PAI, 1988 TG)
The Broken Clock

1990 October at Durie Gallery, Leven,

Love Lies Bleeding *(see 1989 GSWA)

1990 October at Phillips Auctioneers (Childline) in RAC, Glasgow,

Still Life with Oriental Ceramics and Blue Drape*    (60x76cm)        

1990 Nov, McMillan Cancer Research Campaign,

Cakes and Ale   
Doll Surrounded 

1990 sold by unknown auction house,

Still Life with Milk Bottle 1967 (oil 50x76cm)   (this is possibly ‘Still Life’ or ‘In the Studio’ (see ESU 1969)

1990 Dec at Shore Gallery,

Doll Encircled (aka Doll Surrounded)*   (see 1990 MCR)
Ladies Favour (and Trinket Box)             (see 1988 TG)

1990 with MacMillan Cancer Relief exhibition,

(Still Life with) Ink Pot and Quills-2 (see 1990 KG)
Grisaille-2 (see 1985 Main Fine Art, 1985 Stables Gallery) 
Still Life with Everlasting Flowers 

1991 March at Shore Gallery, Leith,


1991 March at Durie Gallery, Leven,

Dark Iris  

1991 June at Art friends of St. Columba’s Hospice, Freemason’s Hall exhibition,

Valentino*                  (see 1991 Shore Gallery)
Roses and Marigolds *
Everlasting Flowers    (see 1990 with MacMillan Cancer Relief)

1991 June at Christie’s Auction House with GSWA,

Peony Roses                      cat.19
Tulips and Tambourine    cat.47  

1991 Jul/Aug ‘Recent Works’ exhibition at the Torrance Gallery, a 3-man show with Jean Donaldson and Helen Firth,

The Broken Clock   (see 1990 APG)
Matryoska-The Russian Doll*   (aka Small Russian Doll?)
Roses and the Tulip Head                   
Cockerel Teapot*                                  
Pale Peony                                                   
Everlasting Flowers (see 1990 MCR, 1991 SCH)                                 
Arrangement in Green and Blue                          
Coloured Ribbons and Terracotta Cat (see 1988 SG, 1989 WG, 1990 APG)
Streamers and Service Medals   (see 1989 SSWA at LAG)         
Tulips and Tambourine (see 1991 Christie’s with GSWA)                              
Nested Dolls from Russia
1991 August shown at Westgate Gallery,

The Broken Clock   (see 1990 APG, 1991 TG)
Mexican Water Melon                         

1991 Sept/Oct exhibited with GSWA at Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow,

Still Life with Wine and Roses          cat.43 (see 1991 GSWA)  
Grapes and Cherries-2*                    cat.55

1991 Nov/Dec with MCR exhibition,

Gents (Iron) Pocket Watch (see 1990 KG)
Still Life with Wine and Rose
Grapes and Cherries-2   (see 1987 RGI, 1988 TG, 1991 GSWA at BG1991 GSWA at Mitchell Theatre

1991 Nov Durie Gallery,

Tulips and Tambourine (see 1991 Christie’s with GSWA & at TG)       
Roses and Tulip Head (see 1991 TG)
Pale Peony (see 1991 TG)

1991 Dec at Torrance Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh,

Cottage Flowers with Hosta Leaf (aka. Pot of Flowers and Hosta Leaf)

1991 Dec at Shore Gallery, Leith,

Roses and Pomegranates (see 1990 GSWA)
Roses and Marigolds (see 1991 SCH)

1992 Feb with GSWA at Lillie Art Gallery,

Arrangement in Green and Blue   cat.46 (see 1991 TG)
Royal Coffee Pot                        cat.27 (see 1990 APG)

1992 Feb at Shore Gallery, Leith,  

Party Streamers and Medals (see 1989 SSWA at LAG, 1991 TG)
Crossed Keys  (gouache)  (probably painted in 1975)
A Spent Match (gouache)          "           "          "

1992 March at Durie Gallery,

Pale Peony  (see 1991 TG, 1991 Nov Durie)       

1992 March at Shore Gallery, Leith,    
Rumanian Slipper Bag     (see 1988 GSWA)
Royal Vienna Coffee Pot   (see 1990 APG, 1992 GSWA at LAG)
Fruits on Tissue                (1988 TG, 1988 GSWA)

1992 April at Durie Gallery,

Tulips and Tambourine (see 1991 Christies with GSWA, 1991 TG, 1991 Durie)      

1992 May at Durie Gallery,

Fan from Mexico*                                        

1992 July at Durie Gallery, Leven,

Roses and Pomegranates* (see 1990 GSWA, 1991 Shore Gallery)
Marigolds in a Shelley Vase *      
1992 May at Edinburgh Hospice, Freemasons Hall,

Everlasting Flowers (see 1990 MCR, 1991 SCH, 1991 TG)                  
Ink Pot and Quills-2    (see 1990 KG, 1990 with MCR)

1992 Art Friends of St. Columba's Hospice,

Hanging Pocket Watch (see 1990 KG, 1991 MCR)

1992 April at Paisley Art Institute,

Nested Dolls from Russia(aka Matryska)                cat.113   (see 1991 TG)
L’eau de Cologne and Pocket Watch*  cat.120 (see 1990 KG, 1991 MCR, 1992 SCH)

1992 at McMillan Cancer Research exhibition, Glasgow,

Mexican Water Melon (see 1990 APG, 1991 TG, 1991 WG)   
The Broken Clock         (    “            “                    “            )

1992 Oct at Phillips Scotland auction, Bath St, Glasgow,

Unknown painting     sold

1992 Christmas Nov/Dec at Torrance Gallery,

Red Leaves                                                cat.211                   
Fruits of the Earth                                    cat.212             
Ribboned Nosegay (aka Floral Cluster)  cat.213 
Trinket and Ladies Favour                      cat.214 (see 1988 TG, 1989 RGI, 1990 SG)

1992 Nov RGI 131st exhibition,

A Spent Match (gouache)   cat.102 (see 1992 Shore Gallery)
Crossed Keys (gouache)      cat.113 (   "           "             "     )  
1993 Feb at Aiton Fine Arts, Crieff,

The Broken Clock (see 1990 APG, 1991 TG, 1991 WG, 1992 MCR)
Mexican Water Melon   (see 1991 WG, 1992 MCR)
Floral Cluster (see 1992 TG)

1993 April at Christie’s, Glasgow with GSWA,

Fruits of the Earth (see 1992 TG, 1993 AFA)  

1993 May with Eaglesham Art Society,

Roses and Tulip Head (see 1991 TG, 1991 DG) 
Red Leaves   (see 1992 TG)  
Mexican Daisies          
1993 July at Westgate Gallery,

Fruits of the Earth                     (see 1992 TG, 1993 Christies with GSWA)
Arrangement in Green & Blue  (see 1991 TG, 1992 GSWA at LAG)                                             

1993 August at Eden Court Theatre Art Gallery, Inverness with SSWA,

Victorian (Porcelain)Cornucopia (see 1986 GSWA & RSA with SSWA)
The Midgets                                 (see 1986 ESU, 1988 TG, 1989 WG)         
Two Welsh Poppies                      (   “           “      , 1987 DG)

1993 Nov Durie Gallery, Leven,

Pale Peony*   (see 1991 TG, 1991 & 1992 DG)
1993 Nov at McMillan Cancer Research exhibition, Edinburgh,

Top Cat                      
Leaves and Petals       
Tartan Bows                  

1994 May exhibited with GSWA at Scotland Street School,

Peony, A Rose without Thorns (aka Dark Vase with Peony Rose) cat.31  (see 1988 TG & RGI & RSA with SSWA, 1989 SSWA at LAG) 

1994 May at Art Friends of St. Columba’s Hospice exhibition,

Chinese Lanterns*                (see 1986 ESU, 1987 EAS, 1988 TG KG)  
Tartan Bows*                       (see 1993 MCR)                                   
Trinkets and Ladies Favour (see 1989 Dec, 1992 RGI, 1992 TG)                                                                                 
1994 July at Durie Gallery,

Red Leaves (see 1992 TG, 1993 EAS)                                        

1995 January with GSWA,

Limoges Keepsake with Waxed Roses    
A Present from Newton Stewart (1988 RSA with SSWA, 1989 SSWA at LAG)  

1995 May shown at Aiton Fine Arts, Crieff,

Streamers and Service Medals (aka Party Streamers and Service Medals)                   (see 1989 SSWA at LAG, 1991 TG, 1992 SG)            
Ink Pot and Quills-2    (see 1990 KG, 1990 MCR, 1992 SCH) 

1995 Oct at Aiton Fine Arts Gallery, Creiff,

A Flowering Plant (aka One Pink Daisy) (1988 TG, 1988 GSWA, 1988 PAI, 1990 APG)               
Lustre Jug and Roses               
Paper Flowers (aka Paper Roses?)  (see 1992 SCH)
Ink Pot and Quills-2 (see 1990 KG, 1990 MCR, 1992 SCH, 1995 AFA)
Streamers and Service Medals (see 1989 SSWA at LAG, 1991 TG, 1992 SG, 1995 AFA)            

1995 Nov at The Torrance Gallery,

Top Cat (cat on top of tin) (see 1993 Cancer Research, Edinburgh)                               
Still Life in Green and Pink      
Arrangement in Red and Green aka ‘Viennese(Austrian)Coffee Pot  (see 1988 TG, 1988 GSWA, 1990 at APG ,1992 SG

1995 sold by unknown auction house,

Holy Book with Angels (oil 34x60in) (see 1988 KG, 1986 ESU, 1987 EAS)     

1996 March at GSWA at Scotland Street Museum,

Mexican Water Melons (see 1991 WG, 1992 MCR, Glasgow, 1993 AFA)

1996 April shown at Paisley Art Institute,

Mexican Water Melons (see 1991 WG, 1992 MCR, 1993 AFA)

1996 May at Art Friends of St. Columba’s Hospice,

 Floral Vase                                             

1996 Aug at The Torrance Gallery,

Red Poppy and Hosta Leaf *   
1996 Oct at Aiton Fine Arts, Crieff,

Austrian(Viennese)Coffee Pot (see 1988 TG, 1988 GSWA, 1990 APG)                   
Everlasting Flowers (see 1990 MCR, 1991 SCH, 1991&1995 TG)
Streamers and Service Medals  (see 1989 SSWA at LAG, 1991 TG, 1992 SG, 1995 AFA)                        

1996 at Cancer Relief MacMillan Fund,

Floral Vase           (see 1996 SCH)
Posy(Nosegay?)    (see 1992 TG)

1996 at The Torrance Gallery Christmas Show,

Lustre Jug   (see 1995 AFA)                                                                           
Quill Pens and Mail (aka. Ink Pot and Quills-2)  (see 1990 KG, 1990 MCR, 1992 SCH, 1995 May AFA, 1995 Oct AFA)                            
Saki (Rice bowl) and Chopsticks (see 1988 TG)          
Rush Basket with Leaves and Petals                                      

1997 March at Mitchell Library with GSWA,

Chinese Chopsticks (aka Saki and Chopsticks)  cat.71
Little Still Life (with Cheap Tin Cat?)                cat.81

1997 May at ‘Art Friends of St. Columba’s Hospice’ 12th exhibition,

Flowerpiece (aka Floweret Encircling)                                   
Amphora Pot with Cherries                 

1997 submitted in August to Scotland Street School with GSWA,

Floweret Encircling (see 1997 May SCH)
Ink Pot and Quills-2 (see 1990 KG, 1990 MCR, 1992 SCH, 1995 May AFA, 1995 Oct AFA, 1996 TG)                                  

1998 March with GSWA at Lloyd Jerome Gallery, Bath Street, Glasgow,

Wooden Cat                                          
Golden Shoe (aka Brandy Bottles Golden Shoe & Flora) (see 1988 TG, 1989 WG)   
1998 May Art friends of St. Columba’s Hospice,

Blue Rimmed Loving Cup                     
My Wicker Basket aka (Rush Basket with Leaves and Petals) (see 1996 TG)

1998 April with Paisley Art Institute,

Arrangement in Green and Blue   (see 1991 TG, 1992 GSWA at LAG, 1993 WG)
Lustre Jug and Roses   (1995 Oct AFA, 1996 TG)

1999 Feb with GSWA at the Mitchell Library,

One Pink Daisy   (see 1988 GSWA, 1988 PAI, 1990 APG, 1995 AFA, 1999 GSWA)
Ink Pot with Quill-2   (see 1990 KG, 1990 MCR 1992 SCH, 1995 AFA) 1996 TG, 1997 Scotland Street School with GSWA)

2000 August gifted to ‘High Pressure Art’, at Edinburgh Royal College of Art, for auction,

Wooden Dolls from Russia (Hungary)*   (see 1991 TG, 1992 PAI)               
2000 May Art Friends of St. Columba’s Hospice, Freemason’s Hall,

White Porcelain Ring Finder with Wax Roses      cat.385 
Little Still Life with Cheap Tin Cat                        cat.386 (1997 GSWA)

2001 June at Gt. Western Auctions, Glasgow G12,

Still Life with Oriental Ceramics and Blue Drapes*   (60x76cm) (see 1990 Phillips Auctioneers)

2002 August at Torrance Gallery,

Chinese Vase, Flowers and Chocolate Box      
Mexican Fruits (Water Melons) (see-1991 WG, 1992 MCR, 1993 AFA)                                                   

2004 Oct/Nov with GSWA at Lillie Art Gallery,

Still Life(ink Pot) with Quills    (see 1990 KG, 1990 MCR, 1992 SCH, 1995 May AFA, 1995 Oct AFA, 1996 TG)                                  
Arrangement in Green and Blue  (see 1991 TG, 1992 GSWA at LAG, 1993 WG, 1998 PAI)

2004 sold by auction at McTears,

Flowers in Glass Vase (oil on board 25” x 24”)

2005 Jul/Aug Edinburgh Festival of GSWA at Torrance Gallery,

Still Life(Ink Pot) with Quills  (see 1990 KG, 1990 MCR, 1992 SCH, 1995 May AFA, 1995 Oct AFA, 1996 at TG)                                  
Lustre Jug with Roses  (see 1995 AFA, 1995 Oct AFA, 1996 TG, 1998 PAI)
2005 exhibition with the RGI at the Mitchell Library,

Arrangement in Green and Blue   (see 1991 TG, 1992 GSWA at LAG, 1993 WG, 1998 PAI, 2004 GSWA at LAG)

2006 March with RGI at Mitchell Library,

Still Life with Fruit (aka Silver Fruit Bowl with Venetian Glass), a reworked painting from 1960’s

2007 Oct/Nov GSWA 125th Anniversary exhibition in Lillie Art Gallery,

Still Life with Fruit (aka Silver Fruit Bowl with Venetian Glass), as above

2008 March with GSWA at RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow,

Ox and Mule at a Well   cat.46 (see 1973 RSA with SSWA)

2008 with GSWA at Eastwood Theatre, East Renfrewshire,

Lustre Jug with Roses   cat.40 (see 1995 AFA, 1996 TG, 1998 PAI, 2005 Edinburgh Festival GSWA)

2009 with GSWA at RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow,

Still Life with Matchstick (gouache) cat.54 (see 1992 SG, 1992 Nov RGI)    

2012 Jul/Sept at Glasgow School of Art Studio 58: Women Artists in Glasgow since World War II

Hospitalfield Study (1947)  cat.1
Still Life (1950’s)                 cat.41  (see 1954 RGI)

paintings undated or unplaced on above lists;
Hungarian Cloth   sold                     
Cabbage Butterfly   sold to The Fine Art Society
Gun with Prayer Beads
Red Sunday £15 (must be an early work)
The Virgin Mary in Rose Arbour £25 (early work)
Beads and Butterfly £30 (early work)
Group of Seven  £40
The Girl and the Rose £40 (dated 1991 small painting)
Delft Pot with Yellow Wild Flower £35     (possibly Yellow Wyrt cat.81) (see 1969 ESU)                         
Firebird (abstract work) 
Spring Blossoms 1970’s (sold)
The Song of Love 1970’s 
Red Letter Rack ( inspired by a painting- ‘Still Life’ by Edwaert Colyer 1662-1702,           The Hunterian Gallery, Glasgow University) c 1970 (sold)                              
Japanese Plate with Fancy Ladies
Phsycodelic Fantasy 
Balbeg Cottage (late 1960's - not exhibited) 
AyrshireLandscape (early 1970's - not exhibited)